In recent years, some events such as bird flu, mad cow, methanol wine, blue mozzarella etc. they have contributed considerably to create a climate of uncertainty and distrust in the consumer, to the point that European regulation has become necessary for all those activities and those sectors that are particularly prone to alterations, adulterations, counterfeits and food sophistication.

The first assessments on the subject of food safety date back to 1997 with the "Commission Green Paper on the general principles of food law of the European Union" and found the shared wording in the "White Paper on Food Security" of 2000.

These fundamental documents have inspired the Community regulatory framework on food safety, starting with Regulation (EC) no. 178/2002, which introduces the fundamental principle of an integrated supply chain approach, and evolves until the so-called "Hygiene Package" enters into force on 1 January 2006, which completely modifies the Community rules on hygiene and official control of foods.

Through the Hygiene Package all Member States have the same criteria regarding the hygiene of food production and therefore the health controls are carried out according to the same standards throughout the European Community.

The procedures adopted by our company, comply with the following REFERENCE STANDARDS:

Italian Legislative Decree n.155 of 1997

EC Reg. 178/2002;

Law n.283 of 1962;

EC Reg. 852/2004;

DPR n.327 of 1980

Leg. 114/98

Legislative decree n.109 of 1992. Other info see the (Terms and Conditions of sale)